What is HealthOne

Your health information is collected and shared between the healthcare providers looking after you.

HealthOne is a secure electronic record that allows your healthcare providers to quickly access information such as your test results, allergies, medications, GP summaries and hospital information.

This helps them to make safer, faster, and better-informed decisions about your care.

Benefits to you

Sharing your health information means better, safer care:

  • More complete health information is available to those who are providing your care (especially during an emergency).
  • You and your healthcare providers can make more informed decisions about your care.
  • We are not relying on you to remember your medical history and the prescribed medicines you take.
  • Less of your time is wasted as you only need to provide information once, and because your test results are available, we don’t need to repeat tests.

Who has access

Authorised healthcare providers involved in your care can see your medical information. This included Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Paramedics.

Nearly all South Island General Practices, Community Pharmacies, and public hospital clinicians have access to HealthOne.

We know you can receive healthcare in many other places so our authorised healthcare providers with access to HealthOne also includes the following organisations:

  • Aged Residential Care Facilities
  • MIQ South Island Facilities
  • St John
  • Southern Cross Hospital Christchurch
  • Forte Health Hospital
  • St Georges Hospital
  • Bidwell Trust Hospital
  • Oxford Community Health Centre
  • Access Community Health
  • HealthCare New Zealand
  • Nurse Maude
  • Department of Corrections
  • Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust
  • Insight
  • CanBreathe
  • Canterbury Clinical Network
  • City Mission

Your health information is only available to your healthcare team, no one else.

Our history

The Christchurch earthquake sequences across 2010 and 2011, created the need for an electronic shared care patient file. This was due to so many patients notes being lost, or inaccessible as a result of damage to healthcare facilities.

This made it hard for patients to get prescriptions filled, and healthcare professionals were faced with treating patients with limited clinical history, reliant on their patients recollection go their medications, conditions, allergies and treatment plans.

The answer sounded simple – just join up the records electronically and give access to the person looking after me – so the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) commissioned some work to do just that. 

It wasn’t as simple as it sounded with some tricky issues to address:

  • Patient Privacy
  • Data Security

Integrating multiple different Patient Management Systems being used by the health care businesses.

In 2012, the vision to provide access to a person’s health information in a person-centric record available at the point of care was achieved as HealthOne was launched in Canterbury, NZ. 

By the end of 2017, HealthOne was being used across the entire South Island and is now a crucial tool for health care providers.

Language support

Download HealthOne information in the following languages:

Want to speak to a privacy officer?

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