What Clinicians are Saying About HealthOne.

Ajay Patel – Pharmacist, Unichem Medical Corner Pharmacy

"HealthOne is really useful to get medication history when doing an emergency supply."

Saxon Ross - Extended Care Paramedic, St John

"Having access to HealthOne is an absolute gift! HealthOne allows a thorough background of my patient's medical history.  HealthOne is critical when managing patients with complex conditions, as well as locating patients with DHB specific care plans. The benefits of HealthOne are endless and I utilise and find benefit from HealthOne access daily, it is worth its weight in gold."

Jasmine McKay – Medical Officer, 24HR Surgery

"When GPs have entered weights and blood pressures we can compare that to what we are seeing - someone saying they have lost 10kg and actually they have lost 20kg, or maybe none at all. If someone has an abnormal blood pressure you can compare it to when it has been recorded at the GP. (I actually use this feature more than what I would have thought!)"

General Practitioner – Canterbury (prefers not to be named)

"On many occasions I have been able to reduce the laboratory expenditure by not repeating a test which the hospital has already done."

Stephen Yee – Pharmacist, Canterbury

"A patient not known to our pharmacy presented complaining of toothache but mentioned that they were allergic to an unknown pain medication. I was quickly able to ascertain through HealthOne the patient was allergic to anti-inflammatories and dispense an alternative form of pain relief."

Dr Martin Wilson – General Practitioner

"A patient trying to get a clearance from disease told me about all the medicines she was on. I checked on HealthOne. I saw she was on another medication…an antibiotic. The patient said, “oh that’s just my acne treatment, I didn’t think it was important”. What she didn’t know is sometimes antibiotics can just supress an infection to a low level where it is undetectable making the test we were about to do completely pointless. She stopped the acne pills and came back in a week for testing."

Dr Ben Hudson Head of Department of General Practice, University of Otago

"I had an interesting discussion last week with a patient of mine who has quite a complex history and spends a lot of time in another area in the S Island.  He occasionally needs to see someone in primary care at his other address and mentioned that the person he sees had asked whether they could somehow share his medical record with me.  I was delighted to point out that they already could simply by looking at HealthOne! I must admit, I am a convert to this - well done!"

Anthony Spenser – Consultant, Canterbury

"Most useful thing about HealthOne is when the patient comes in the front door, they may not be able to tell us everything or can’t remember everything, being able to get the GP’s list of diagnosis, medications, and allergies"

Sean MacPherson – Consultant Haematologist, Canterbury

"It’s important to know what patients are on to avoid harmful drug interactions. My Registrar pointed out I could just click on the HealthOne button and up came a list of the recent medications, it shouldn’t have been, but it was a revelation!"