Privacy & Security

Only authorised healthcare providers involved in your care can see your information.

HealthOne is subject to a comprehensive security regime.

Security Controls

Access is only possible via an approved highly secure healthcare information network which is regularly audited and tested.

In addition, privacy auditing is used to check that only those involved in your care are accessing your information.

Health professionals that are provided with access to HealthOne are subject to strict controls in their employment contract along with privacy training, which outlines their obligations to patients. They are permitted to view a patient’s health information only if the patient is currently under their care.

Access to information is audited by HealthOne and procedures are in place to identify and act upon any inappropriate activity. Health professionals are aware that breaches of privacy and security policies are treated seriously and may result in dismissal from employment.

Your Choice

If your GP or Community Pharmacy is part of the HealthOne programme, some of your health information will be available to authorised medical professionals involved in your care. If you don’t want your health information accessed in this way, you can “opt off” HealthOne at any time.

You should be aware that there may be adverse impacts to preventing information sharing such as delays in care while tests are repeated – especially if you often move between GPs or are seen at any hospital department (including Emergency Department).

If you are thinking of opting off, please discuss your options with your healthcare provider or contact the HealthOne Privacy Office.

Choices for sharing your information

Confidential Items:

You may wish to continue to share your information but mark some items as confidential e.g. for particular test results, for a medication you are taking or all information from a specific health care provider.

This option still gives your healthcare provider a useful summary of information to keep you safe, especially in emergency situations where you are unable to speak for yourself.

How to:

  • Tell your GP during a visit or consultation
  • Tell your pharmacist when having a prescription filled
  • Tell the person taking your samples for laboratory testing (eg blood samples)

How to Opt off

You can opt off altogether which will mean any health information collected in the place you received the care (eg your General Practice) will not be accessed via HealthOne by any other healthcare provider.

You can choose to opt back on at any time.

How to:

  • Call Freephone 0508 837 872 and speak to the HealthOne Privacy Office
  • Email your full name, date of birth and postal address to

For more information concerning your privacy select the Health Information Privacy Statement – HealthOne

Disclaimer: If you are unable to speak for yourself in an emergency, the healthcare provider looking after you will not be able to see any of your medical information on HealthOne.