Who can see my health information in HealthOne

Authorized healthcare providers involved in your care can see your information.

Such as:

  • Doctors (Hospital and General Practice)
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists and Pharmacist technicians
  • Other Allied Health professionals such as St Johns Paramedics and Nurse Maude clinicians

You can request visibility of who has accessed your HealthOne record by calling the HealthOne Privacy Advisor on 0508 837 872 or by clicking Contact Us and submitting a General Enquiry.

General Copyright

What are the controls on HealthOne Access

HealthOne is subject to a comprehensive security regime. Access is only possible via an approved highly secure healthcare information network and not the internet. In addition, privacy auditing is used to check that only those involved in your care are accessing your information.

Health professionals are provided with access to HealthOne subject to strict controls in their employment contract along with training which outlines their obligations to patients. They are permitted to view a patient’s health information only if the patient is currently under their care. Access to information is audited by HealthOne and procedures are in place to identify and act upon any inappropriate activity. Health professionals are aware that breaches of privacy and security policies are treated seriously and may result in dismissal from employment.

Social Licence for HealthOne

“When people trust that their data will be used as they have agreed, and accept that enough value will be created, they are likely to be more comfortable with its use. This acceptance is referred to as a social licence.”

HealthOne relies on ‘social licence’ by ensuring value through having informed clinicians while safeguarding the privacy of individual’s data. Only clinicians involved in the individual’s care are provided with this data.