Patient Frequently Asked Questions

What information is available in HealthOne?

HealthOne is a computer record that allows those involved in your care to share and access your healthcare information such as test results, medications, allergies, encounter notes* and hospital & nursing information.

*  Selected sites, for a list click here

Where is HealthOne?

HealthOne is a secure electronic record which is maintained and operated by Canterbury DHB.

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What range of people have access to HealthOne?

General Practice Staff, Pharmacy Staff and Secondary Care clinicians working in hospitals throughout the on-boarded regions.

Staff at the following organizations also have access to HealthOne:

  • Laura Ferguson Brain Injury Trust
  • Access Community Health
  • Forte Health
  • St John
  • CanBreathe
  • Canterbury Clinical Network
  • St Georges Hospital
  • Insight
  • HealthCare NZ
  • City Mission
  • Southern Cross Hospital
  • Aged Care Residential Homes (Southern DHB)
  • Selected Aged Care Residential Homes (Southern DHB) *
  • Dentistry *
  • Justice and Corrections Facilities *
  • Maori and Pacific services *
  • Specialist Medical Practices *
  • Covid19 Response Centres *
  • Royal District Nursing Service 
  • Oxford Community Health
  • Oxford Court Lifecare
  • Bidwell Hospital


* For more information concerning these sites contact us for more details

Who runs HealthOne?

Day to day, HealthOne is run by Pegasus Health Ltd, Orion Health and Canterbury DHB on behalf of healthcare professionals. To manage HealthOne including the obligations to protect patient privacy, a Governance Group, including representation from clinicians, community services, Canterbury, South Canterbury, Southern and West Coast DHBs and the Consumer Council is in operation. The Governance Group ensures HealthOne is used for its intended purpose.

How do I opt off HealthOne?

You can opt off HealthOne altogether by calling 0508 TEST SAFE (837 872). Alternatively, you can talk to your GP if there is General Practice information that you wish to withhold from being visible in HealthOne. Similarly you can talk to your Pharmacist if there is dispensing information that you wish to mark as private.

What happens when I opt off?

It is important to know that by choosing to withhold your health information from viewing in HealthOne, clinicians involved in your care may not immediately have information available to them which might assist them in providing care to you.

Where do I go for more information?

We suggest you talk to your G.P. regarding HealthOne and how it is used by clinicians involved in your care. Alternatively please contact the HealthOne Privacy Officer on 0508 TEST SAFE (837 872).