About HealthOne

What is HealthOne?

HealthOne (Shared Care Record View) is a secure record that stores health information including GP records, prescribed medications and test results.

Currently HealthOne is rolled out across the South Island, and our user base covers General Practitioners, Nurses, Pharmacists, Pharmacist Technicians, and Nurse Maude Clinicians. It also includes clinicians from Laura Ferguson Trust and Insight who provide a rehabilitation service for patients with traumatic brain injury. Authorised hospital employees also have access to the information held in HealthOne across these districts.

HealthOne came about as a matter of urgency following the Christchurch earthquake. It was established via a project commissioned by a partner alliance between the Canterbury DHB (CDHB), Orion Health and Pegasus Health.

Nurse Hannah Rodwell

Information Sharing

Your health information is collated in HealthOne so that healthcare providers can share vital information in order to provide you with better, safer care.

HealthOne is not used for any purpose except at the point of care. Your data cannot be accessed by anyone other than authorised clinicians who are treating you.


Sharing health information means:

  • Better, safer care
  • More complete health information is available to those who are providing your care (especially during an emergency)
  • You and your healthcare provider are able to make more informed decisions about your care
  • We are not relying on you to remember your medical history and the prescribed medicines you take
  • We waste less of your time as you only need to provide information once, and because your test results are available we don’t need to repeat tests